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If there’s one thing the ELK team likes to do, it’s experiment with different reel layouts and the ways in which symbols travel over them. The gravitational mechanics of the Gold series apply the laws of physics to the cascade of symbols, allowing for more rows and ways to be added. Cluster Slide, which has an unconventional avalanche movement and a lovely, fiery, otherworldly location, is a prime example of this pioneering attitude at its best.

Cluster Slides takes place on a 78 grid where the inhabitants are largely square creatures that are either coated in jelly or fur. The planet is called Jellyton. Similarly, they like eating — each other. It’s an odd place, to be sure, with planets floating in the sky above the ground below. We started to speculate on the potential impact of having so many planets in such close proximity to one another. Would the fate of the universe rest on a precarious cosmic balance, or would the weight of everything have catastrophic consequences?

Bets range from 20 pence to £/€100 each spin, and players may take their Jellyton adventure with them on any device. The theoretical return on statistics is 96%, and this number is completely reliable. There is a lot riding on the outcome of this apparently interminable spin, so the volatility and potential are both considerable.

The grid is an explosion of color, with lower-paying green, blue, yellow, and red jelly monsters followed by higher-paying purple, orange, and red fuzzy monsters. All come to life when employed successfully and occasionally resort to cannibalism amongst themselves. When 15 or more premium symbols form a cluster, you’ll receive a payout of 100x to 500x your initial wager. Cluster Wild symbols are almost bursting out of Slide, and the pink one is a common variety that may appear anywhere and substitute for normal pay symbols to help make clusters.

Slide Cluster: Slot Attributes

In Cluster Slide, the goal is to rack up consecutive wins in order to activate features like wilds, multipliers, and bonus rounds. The avalanche mechanism clears the board of symbols when a winning combination of five or more identical symbols occurs, and fresh symbols fall into the empty spaces or slide in from the left. This is accentuated by the grid’s modest slant. The anticipation rises with each avalanche as you try to figure out where the next set of symbols should fall.

The rightmost column of the grid features a Generator meter that fills up when successful clusters are revealed. When it’s full, you get one of five different Feature Wild icons.

Big – Enlarges a Symbol at Random to a 2×2 Size.

Turns anywhere from two to four pay symbols wild at random.

Multiplier – add 1 to the winnings multiplier.

Changes the value of a single symbol type to that of a higher symbol type.

This operation deletes all instances of a certain symbol from the grid.

When employed in a winning combination, Feature Wild symbols appear naturally. If all five wilds appear during a single game round, the win multiplier is increased by a factor of 5.

Remember to look for the letter ‘B’. If you get three of these in a row during a spin, you’ll receive three Wild Drops. The first one adds three 1×1 wilds to the grid and transforms all bonus ‘B’ symbols into wilds. The second drop adds two 2×2 wilds to the grid, while the third drop adds a single 3×3 wild. It’s like a backwards Gargantuan.

If the anticipation is killing you, check out the X-citer option. The X-citer, like the original Bompers, allows players to select from a variety of feature purchasing choices.

Judgment in the Cluster Chunk

Another example of a studio boasting of its ability to create outlandish slots is Cluster Slide. The antics of Nitropolis pale in comparison to Cluster Slide. Clusters Slide is a grid slot with adorable alien creatures and identical gameplay to Reactoonz, therefore it can barely be termed original. However, Cluster Slide does seem to be a small improvement over its predecessors. The graphics are unquestionably better, the eight cannibalistic creatures are just as likeable, and the overall statistics are far higher.

If you were a bit underwhelmed with Reactoonz 2, you may want to check out what ELK has accomplished here. When the correct clusters match up, Cluster Slide has all the makings of a chaotic grid slot that can go off. It is a highly unpredictable creature that will happily plow through a pile of low-value drops in order to get to the nice stuff. Getting close to free drops along the road might be a huge tease before resetting everything.

However, sessions were never boring because to the grid’s constant stream of interesting content and the game’s charming visuals and musical score. The long-term aim introduced by the generator collecting mechanism is a wonderful touch, as is the fact that Feature Wilds appear naturally rather than solely in response to a trigger. It’s a good way to make money, too. With Cluster Slide and a maximum bet, you may win up to 10,000 times your initial wager.

Cluster Slide essentially fills up all the gaps left by Reactoonz 2, if not more so. The additional features and the persistently smooth gameplay from ELK make you forget about the parallels to Play’n GO’s classic and just go with the flow, or slide, as the case may be.

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