Opening the LeoVegas Live Casino

When h game 18 pc you logged in to your personal casino account you are ready to open the Live Casino. You can do this by clicking on ‘’Live Casino’’ in the top menu. Once you opened the live casino you will be able to filter games by using the second menu. In the second menu you will find some of the top games and games types. In the LeoVegas Live Casino you will find Roulette, Blackjack, Casino Hold’em, Baccarat and more variety table games.

LeoVegas offers live casino games by NetEnt, Evolution and Extreme Live Casino Software. Besides that it offers a line of LeoVegas exclusive games; the ‘’Chambre Séparée’’. In the Chambre Séparée you will find all top games in HD quality. Most of the streams are available 24/7. And you know what’s fun? Sometimes the games are even hosted by celebrities. Check out the Live Casino for a full overview of all the available games and game types (VIP/Fast/Auto/Etc).
Live Blackjack at LeoVegas; Game Modes
At LeoVegas you will now find over 20 types of Blackjack games. Depending on your budget you can play at a few or all of the games. Most of the games works with a minimum bet of €5,- or €10,- per hand. For lower budgets LeoVegas offers Common Draw of Blackjack Party games with a minimum bet of only €0,50. High Rollers can decide to pick one of the VIP tables with a minimum bet between €15,- and €25,- per hand. Not all games are available 24/7 but there is always a nice selection of games available. Log in to have a look at all the available games right now!

Place your bets
Ready to start playing? Then choose a table to play at and claim a seat. After doing that the dealer will ask your to place you bets. At LeoVegas you can place a regular bet and a side bet. Most of the times the minimum bet on regular bets is between €5,- and €10,-. Side bets can be as low as €1,- most of the times. Once all bets are placed the live dealers will start dealing carts. The dealer will deal everyone two cards, one of the dealers cards stays hidden. Once the dealer is done it will open the game by asking the first player if it wants another card or it stands. The game objective it get a close to 21 as possible or a least defeat the dealer. All hands above 21 will be bust. When the dealer score more than you, you will also lose. With your side bets you will be able to win more money depending on the outcome of the hands. Below we will explain some rules of the amazing game of Blackjack.
able Full? Bet behind!
Sometimes it can be very busy in the Live Casino. And because of that it is possible that favourite table is already full of players. In this case you can decide to bet behind. Simply open the game you want to play and click ‘’Bet behind’’ (Choose a seat). After doing this you will be able to join the game by betting on the cards of the player you joined. Although you don’t control the game you can still decide which players style you like. If they play the same or similar as you it is not a strange option to use the bet behind feature. When the player you joined wins you win, when you players you joined loosed your money is gone. Good luck while betting behind!

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