Last เครดิตฟรี แค่ กรอก เบอร์ week we ended our workweek with some spins on our favourite video slots. During this session I had quiet some luck and I landed some profitable bonus rounds. After a few games we decided to try one of our all-time favourite slots; Glitz by Williams Interactive. After spinning a while I landed a pretty unique bonus feature. This special bonus combined the standard ‘’Money Burst Feature’’ with an extra free spins feature. You will see the result in the video below.

While playing Glitz you can land a bonus feature in three different ways. And each bonus feature has its own benefits. All normal bonus features come with five free spins. But when you land both the ‘’Money Burst’’ and scatters you will receive an amazing amount of 20 free spins. It works likes this;

Free Spins Feature; You can enter the free spins bonus feature by landing three scatter symbols. The scatter symbol is the ‘’$’’ symbol. You can land this symbol only on reels three, four and five. After landing three scatters symbols you can pick one jewel box to see which symbol will appear in the four most left slots of the game. During the five free spins you can land big prizes by hitting staked wilds.
Money Burst; You can also enter the bonus round by landing four of the same symbols in the block on the left. For example; When you land four green diamonds in the field 1A, 1B, 2A and 2B you will enter the bonus round with that symbol. Five free spins are awarded. You can mix normal symbols with Wilds to make a four of a kind.
Money Burst + Scatters; When you land four of the same symbols (including Wilds) in the first four fields you will activate the Money Burst feature. But when you also land three scatters you will receive 20 free spins.
In our experience all bonus feature can pay really well. Especially when you land a high paying symbol like the Diamond, Green Diamond or Glitz symbol you can get real lucky. Although it is important to collect a good symbol everyone would love to hit the bonus feature including 20 instead of 5 free spins.

Money Burst Feature; The perfect scenario
When we are playing Glitz we are always looking forward to the ‘’perfect scenario’’. Curious what we mean with the ‘’perfect scenario’’? It is when you land the Money Burst Feature including Wilds on both of the reels. In this scenario you will land a prize during every spin. In the video I shared above I even landed three Wilds, which pays most of the times even bigger prizes. We don’t know if it is possible to land four Wilds in the box, but that would be incredible. Did you ever got this combination? Let me know in a comment!

Incredible Bonus Feature during Glitz Classic Slot (Williams Interactive)
Betting and Symbols
While playing Glitz you can win money on a total of 60 lines. You can lower this amount by 10 to play with lower stakes. For example; Spin with a total of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 paylines. After deciding on how many lines you want to play you can decide how much you want to bet per line. The minimum bet per 2 lines is €0,01. This means a €0,30 total bet while playing with 60 lines. Most of the times I play with 60 lines and a bet of €0,02 – €0,04 per 2 lines. This means you play with a total bet of €0,60 – €1,20.

While playing you can win money by making combination on lines you bet on. The Glitz and Wild symbol pay the best. Other good paying symbols are the Diamond and the big green diamond. Lower paying symbols are the purple diamond, the white pearl, the square diamond and the oval green diamond. The cheaper looking diamond don’t really pay well. You will need a lot of wilds to win big with these symbols!

Final Result Bonus Feature
While playing my bonus I had a guaranteed win during each spin. And with a €1,20 bet I expected a pretty amazing total win. Although I had prize during each spin I didn’t land a lot of big wins. And because of that my total prize was a bit lower than I expected. All with all I won a total of €323,92 during my 20 Free Spins. I very nice prize but I think it is possible to hit way higher pay-outs while combining thee money burst feature with wilds and the three scatter symbols. Did you every land a huge win on Glitz? Please let us know in a comment!

Exclusive Slot Game
The Glitz Video Slot by Williams Interactive is a pretty exclusive game. You will not find this game at every online casino. During my video I played this game at Videoslots Casino, which offers 2.000+ video slot games. One other casino I know that offers this game is Dunder Casino. At Dunder Casino you will find a wide variety of slots, table games and live betting games. Both online casino offer a pretty generous welcome package. Sign up at Videoslots for 11 Free Spins (Registration) and 100% bonus money up to €200,- (Deposit) + €10,-. At Dunder you will receive 20 Free Spins (Registration) and a 200% Welcome Bonus up to €50,-. Deposit €25,- to play with a €75,- total balance.
Mobile playing
You know what makes Glitz even more exclusive? You can only play this game on desktop. The Glitz slot game is pretty old and not mobile friendly. Because of this you will not be able to play this game on your mobile or tablet. So start up your laptop or desktop if you are ready for some real excitement and maybe big wins!

Why we love the Glitz Slot Game
Not a lot of gamblers know the Glitz slot by Williams Interactive, but we really love this slot. The combination between the high paying bonus features and the outdated design is amazing. Besides that this game I really exciting because of the staked Wild symbols. During each spin you hope you pair up two or more good symbols with 12 Wilds in the last three reels. Besides that you hope to hit the money burst every turn. And since you can enter the bonus feature in three different ways the games stays exciting from the start to the finish of each spin. Other things we like about this game? The sounds! The tune and sounds during winnings are amazing. And when you hit a big win the slot will let you know by saying ‘’Incredible’’, ‘’Amazing’’ or even ‘’Impossible’’. Curious if this will be your next favourite slot? Try it our at Dunder or Videoslots!

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